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How often do you wait for an answer yes or no? How often do you ask questions? Almost everyone asks a few questions a day and wants to get answers to them. More often, people are forced to make choices. Yes or No, these are the main answers to most questions. How to understand which answer: yes or no, will be the right one? If you doubt and can not make a choice, then it's time to visit our site. And find out which answer to choose: yes or no. On the site you can ask any questions that can be answered yes, no. How to use the site?

Just write your question and click on the "Ask" button. After a few seconds, the answer will be yes or no. Of course, the answers are given randomly. And you can not completely trust this method. But! The Answer Service YES NO helps overcome indecision and make the right decision. If you received the answer NO, but wanted to get the answer YES, then this will give you confidence. If you wanted to get the answer NO, but you got YES, then your question will force you once again to think things over and take all the same favorable solution for you.

In any case, the service YES / NO is a surprise and helps to make decisions. Although the answers are given in a completely random order. And they are often wrong. But only you make the choice. The site "YES or NO" helps to understand which choice to make: yes or no.
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